About MACA

About Marc-

A native from Los Angeles, Marc Arrañaga’s first interest was in sculpture and studied with renowned sculptor Phil Cornelius at Pasadena City College. He appreciated working with other artists and got the idea to assist them in their endeavors.  He abandoned his own art making practice in order to assist artists in exhibiting and selling their own work.  In 1998, Marc attended UCLA to complete his BA in Art History, working with professors such as Miwon Kwon, and Cecile Whiting to focus on art of the 20th Century, and with Professor Donald Preziosi for Museum Studies, in addition to French Language courses.  After graduating, Marc took a position as curator and director of the Advocate Gallery, a non-profit space in Los Angeles, where he curated over 30 exhibitions and started a lecture series to advance the research of gay art historians.

In 2005, Marc moved to NYC to pursue a PHD in art history at City University of New York to focus on the history of photography and the conception of masculinity.  After two years he left to pursue a position at the Guggenheim as an archivist, cataloguing the blueprints of the famous museum built by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  In addition, Marc also worked with the curatorial staff at the Guggenheim to update the museum’s artists and object files, giving him access to priceless documents pertaining to the building of the collection.  Among notable correspondence is letters to Mr. Guggenheim from Marcel Duchamp, who acted as an art dealer and advisor to him.

In 2007, Marc accepted a position as Director of Sales for Pace Gallery in New York City.  He gained much insight into the dealings and operations of a major art gallery which has sales in excess of $200 million annually.  He was responsible for processing sales of artwork from artists such as Picasso, Rothko, de Kooning, Agnes Martin and David Hockney and to prestigious institutions and clients all over the world.  His knowledge of contracts and purchase agreements, artists’ percentages and business practices expanded exponentially. In addition, Marc worked with Pace’s multiple dealers who represented over 50 international artists.  He brings his own background in working with emerging and established artists, as well as the Pace experience to creating MACA MGMT – providing management services to fine artists.

Marc decided to use his sales and administrative experience to assist artists with developing their business strategies, focusing on everything from sales, to curatorial support, to contract negotiations, database development, consignment agreements, and even referrals for legal advice, shipping/handling, and photography.  “Artist have to be increasingly savvy about business dealings they enter into these days.  As an agent/advisor, I can offer you knowledge and solid business practices with over 30 years of experience”, says Arranaga.

Marc currently lives in Los Angeles and is collaborating on 3-5 minute videos about artists for social media. One of Marc’s passions is to create a feature documentary on the artist Patrick Angus, which is currently in pre-production.

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