Artist Management

MACA MGMT provides artist management and professional services to fine artists and collectors.

Artists have to be increasingly savvy about business agreements with galleries, museums and clients. My 5 years at Pace Gallery has taught me to review these agreements diligently to make sure you get what you need to exhibit or complete your commissions.

Writing – Art is not created in a vacuum.  We are all influenced by other artists and historical movements.  My educational background in art history at UCLA and CUNY Graduate Center can help you define and articulate a direction for your work.  By placing your work in a historical tradition and an art movement, it’s possible to create context for your work.

Contracts – I have reviewed major contracts and agreements for artists and galleries.  Let me help you get the most out of your agreement.

Strategic Planning – I will work with you to help define your objectives and help you make the best presentation to art professionals to achieve the desired results.  Are you aware of emerging markets? I have experience in logistics for China, Dubai, London, and Russia.

Archive – I will help you keep track of your artwork by creating a database of all work.  With this we can keep track of available work and where the works are located.  We can keep track of exhibitions and published works though the database.

Collections Management – Let me help you maintain your private collection.  With my experience in managing a multimillion dollar collection, I can keep track of your inventory, provide curatorial support, and advise on shipping options.

Curatorial – I have curated over 35 exhibitions and working on three additional projects, including an exhibit on women who are following in the tradition of abstract expressions and color field painting.

Photography – An image is everything.  Let me provide resources for great photographers who will showcase your work in the best light possible.

Shipping – Making sure your artwork is packed properly and shipped to the desired locations takes planning an expertise.  Let me refer you to the best professionals in the business to handle the shipping of your artwork locally or worldwide.

I would be happy to offer a consultation to see how we may work together to help build your career as a fine artists.

Marc Arrañaga

Artist Management Services

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